At what retail jewelry store may I purchase a Lazare Diamond?

What is the difference between a Lazare Diamond and other "ideal cut" diamonds?

If ideal cut diamonds are more beautiful, why aren’t all diamonds cut to ideal proportions?

What is the difference between "ideal cut" and "hearts and arrows" cut diamounds?

How do I know the diamond I am looking at is a Lazare Diamond?

How can I tell if a diamond is an ideal cut when I'm looking at a GIA Diamond Grading Report (or on the Internet)?

The Lazare Diamond really is beautiful, but can I afford it?

Will I find Lazare Diamonds on the Internet?

Are Lazare Diamonds conflict free?

Lazare Diamonds and Lazare Diamond jewelry may be found at a Lazare Diamond authorized jeweler who is carefully selected and especially qualified to help you understand diamonds and make your selection with confidence.
Please click here to find an authorized Lazare Diamond jeweler in your area.
An ideal cut diamond should be cut to the proportions established in 1919 when Lazare Kaplan cut the first ideal cut diamond. The proportions Kaplan used for his ideal cut Lazare Diamond create the optimal balance of brilliance, scintillation and fire – the three optical properties that contribute to a diamond’s unique beauty. Today, however, the term “ideal cut” is used for a wider range of cutting proportions, including those that do not meet the strict standards for the ideal cut Lazare Diamond. Each Lazare Diamond is cut to very strict standards that are more stringent than what others call “ideal” proportions. In addition, each Lazare Diamond features a faceted girdle for added beauty, a laser inscription with the Lazare logo and identification number to authenticate that it is a Lazare Diamond, and an exclusive warranty against chipping.
It takes greater craftsmanship; expertise and attention to detail to cut an ideal cut diamond than a non-ideal cut diamond. Because more of the original rough diamond must be sacrificed to achieve an ideal cut, only a small percentage of diamonds are cut this way. Most manufacturers would rather make a larger non-ideal cut diamond. Though the extra depth or thickness of a non-ideal diamond may increase the carat weight of the diamond, the play of light and sparkle are greatly reduced. All diamonds have some brilliance, but a Lazare Diamond will offer the maximum balance of brilliance, scintillation and fire.
“Hearts and arrows” is not determined by the cut of a diamond but rather refers to the precise shape and alignment of certain facet junctions, which is part of a diamond’s symmetry. A diamond that has the proportions of an “ideal cut” may or may not exhibit a “hearts and arrows” pattern; conversely, a diamond with a “hearts and arrows” pattern may or may not be cut to ideal proportions. The display of hearts and arrows depends solely on the symmetry of the diamond.
Every Lazare Diamond is ideal cut having the precise symmetry to form a hearts and arrows pattern.
In addition to visiting an authorized Lazare Diamond jeweler who will show you a brilliance you can see, every Lazare Diamond .18 carats and larger has the Lazare logo and an individual identification number specially laser inscribed on its circumference. The logo is your proof of authenticity as an ideal cut Lazare Diamond.
You cannot tell. A true ideal cut diamond has proportions that encompass every angle, dimension and cutting percentage. Generally only the table % and total depth % are given on diamond grading reports or Internet websites. An analogy would be only giving you the eye color and height of an individual and asking you to guess what that person might look like. Even when “ideal cut” is noted on a website, that diamond is not necessarily cut to the strict cutting proportions adhered to by Lazare Kaplan. Every Lazare Diamond is cut to the strictest standard for ideal proportions guaranteeing you a diamond of unsurpassed beauty and value.
No other diamond offers the beauty, value and benefits of the Lazare Diamond and it is competitively priced compared to other true ideal cut diamonds. However, in order to meet your budget, you may choose to compromise on color, clarity or carat-weight, but to ensure that you have the most beautiful diamond possible, you should never compromise on cut. Remember, a diamond is one of the few purchases that you will ever make that will last a lifetime and beyond.
No, we do not place Lazare Diamonds for sale on the Internet. They are sold only through an authorized Lazare Diamond jeweler.
“LKI fully supports the Kimberly Process protocols and follows a "zero tolerance" policy for conflict diamonds. We are a founding member of the United Nations Global Compact and a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council. To the best of seller’s knowledge, the diamonds herein have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. Accordingly, seller hereby guarantees that to the best of its knowledge these diamonds are conflict free. With respect to diamonds herein, which were acquired by seller after December 31, 2002, seller guarantees them to be conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds. We certify that the diamonds listed on this invoice are natural untreated diamonds unless otherwise disclosed.” For more information please visit "Lazare Cares" page.